My 93.9 – More Variety of Today’s Hits and Yesterday’s Favorites

My 93.9, WMRV, plays a fresh mix of the best music from the 70s through today.  My 93.9 features today’s newer artists like Bruno Mars, Lady Antebellum, and Katy Perry mixed with yesterday’s favorites from the 70s to today.  We keep it fresh, and familiar to get you through your workday.

My 93.9 is perfect for the car, on the radio at work, or at home.  You’ll find that our on-air personalities are conversational and fun to listen to.  We’re working hard to become your radio station – My 93.9.  Tune in on the weekends for “The Weekend Rewind” where we play nearly forgotten hits from the 80s.

Morning Show with Robin Humphrey and Bryan Wood (6a – 9a)


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Live and Local the Morning Show is a great companion to start the day. Music from the 80’s 90’s and now and the latest news updates throughout the morning. You can play the Morning Quiz at 7:40 weekday mornings!!

Michael Gifford (9a – 10a )

Fun loving Michael “The Giff” Gifford was raised in the Rocky Mountains. He and his wife of over 20 years are nutty dog lovers (labs/lab mix) and his two daughters keep him scratching his head daily. The family loves to travel and Giff is into golfing, hiking, camping… just about everything outdoors… except large animals that could eat him. J His wife thinks he spends more time in the garden than he does with her, but she does enjoy the “fruits” of his labor.

Cathy Taylor   (10a – 3p)

For Cathy, life is about music, family, friends and the outdoors.  Her thrill-seeking side has led her to diving the Mexican reefs, jumping out of a plane, and teaching herself to ski & (painful weeks later) to snowboard.  Her side-kick for 17 years is Munchkin the Cat.  He actually never leaves the house, but the stray she rescued couldn’t go unmentioned. Cathy’s a USF graduate (Go Bulls!) who likes to read, meet new people, learn new things, but mostly, to get out there and live!

Scott LeTourneau   (3p – 8p)

Scott literally grew two inches in one day at age 15, when doctors straightened a curve in his spine and took him from 5’11’ to 6’1’.  The extra height and his deep voice helped him land a radio job while only a high school junior.  By 20 he was on the air in Chicago.  Scott is into history and golf, books and movies, and music ranging from Steely Dan to Maroon 5 and Sinatra.  He’d like to see the Broncos in the Super Bowl again and the Cubs win the World Series.  (It’s good to dream big!)

Christian Wheel   (8p – 1a)

Christian is a radio personality, a software engineer, DJ/Remixer and a web designer. Who knew one person could be awful at four things? His main languages are English, German and Spanish, but Christian is also fluent in sarcasm. He once ate a can of frosting on a dare and has been skydiving without a parachute twice. In his spare time, Christian doesn’t look for fun. Fun looks for Christian. On weekends, he enjoys racing horses. He never beats them though.

Chuck Woodford   (1a – 6a)

Chuck was born in a cross-fire hurricane. OK, not a literal hurricane, but the movie Crossfire was on the Late Show that night, (really). He learned to play the drums in elementary school and if you listen real closely, you just might hear a few paradiddles in the background when he’s on the air. Chuck’s sense of humor was shaped by his big brother’s George Carlin records, and every night he strives to give you a dose of entertainment & a few chuckles (a word actually created to describe him – true story!).

It’s Your Weekend with Jim Brickman (Sundays 8a-12p)

Join Jim each and every weekend for the best way to wake up and start your Sunday.  Jim’s show includes celebrity interviews, tips for better living, and the very best in Adult Contemporary music.  Each Sunday starting at 8:00 AM.